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We are HOPE3K

Companies such as Accenture, IBM, Atos, Bull, capgemini, GFI, Alcatel, BNP PARIBAS, Orange FT and others have chosen Morocco as the location for their centres of excellence in technologies. it's due to our large skilled workforce, cost competitiveness and close proximity.

Clear strategy

Our clear strategy is focused on Nearshore solely, instead of overall Offshore

Notoriety of Technical expertise

Technical expertise, know-how and quality are the label of the Moroccan ICT engineer earned over the years into France and Switzerland

Intellectual property security

Measures to ensure data and intellectual property security


Ability to support client with:
• Evaluation
• Project preparation
• Requirement specification
• Technical documentation

Neighbor country

• Language
• Cross cultural skills
• Distance and time zone

Our Three K


    Keenness is essential ingredient. It is not optional. It goes into everything we do. It's the only way to truly understand our partners, to feel their pain, to understand their problem, and then to solve it better than they have ever imagined possible


    Information Technology is a powerful problem solver. When applied with care and attention it can empower businesses and individuals. However way too often technology companies fail to see that technology is only a part of the solution. Human element is just as important and HOPE3K understand that. We strive for balance in creating human centric services


    High sence approach means solid and cost-effective solutions that work for you reliably.It also means that HOPE3K are reliable, trustworthy partner that can deliver your projects on time and on budget. Innovative, cutting edge services but delivered without hype. Staying ahead of the technological developments is important - especially for an ICT company like HOPEK. But keeping things in perspective, looking 2 or 3 steps ahead and don't be seduced by the latest tech buzz words. Grounded, human-centric approach with solid knowledge.

Strengthen your teams

Meet Our Team

Meet our managers and feel free to share your requirements with them.


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