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We are HOPE3K

Having already building an assets of ICT consultants, we approach IT / Telecom consulting knowing that it is all about people. People who work with technology and have to get things done using technology as easy as possible. Therefore we first listen carefully to our customers and then we use our experience to come up with accurate consultant profiles to comply the project courses.


"The internal marketing concept specifies that an organisation’s employees are its first market."
One component of internal marketing that is still under-developed is “employer attractiveness” and far less ,if not ever, “freelance attractiveness”. HOPE3K is an exception, We are treating our freelancers at the same way as our internal employees, preparing all the atmosphere to focus on theirs mission solely.


"When people talk listen completely. Most people never listen."
Our approach is hands-on, an account manager will accompany you during the different stages of collaboration and his priority will be to listen to you and understand your requirements and issues.


"A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn"
Technology advancements are accelerating at an exponential pace, and they won’t wait around for companies to adjust. We are a feathery organization which flow with its customers and adjusting to the new paradigm almost immediately.


"The best way to evaluate something is to experience it"
To become an excellent consulting company your staff must be excellents. We are not only headhunters, not only technical professionals but we were ourselves consultants and so is the case of all hope3k consulting managers.

Why we are so special

we are so special because we know how to carefully listen to you and an account manager will accompany you during the different stages of collaboration.

  • Requirement

    Identify and express appropriately your requirement

  • Constraints

    Projecting the requirement toward constraints (budget, quality, time)

  • Solution

    Propose appropriate solutions

  • Alliance

    National and international alliance based on highly qualified experts to respond to sharp / rare requirements



Telecommunication is our first mainstay in consulting and it represent a big part from our client base.


Information technology

Information technology is our second mainstay in consulting and of course the sole mainstay in IT department and it represent a big part from our client base.


Banking and other industries

The banking field is our third mainstay and it has joined our activities early, before others industries: Gas-Oil, Property, Transport,...

Strengthen your teams

Meet Our Team

Meet our managers and feel free to share your requirements with them.


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